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The Swedish Inheritance Fund Commission

The Swedish Inheritance Fund Commission supports non-profit organisations and other voluntary associations wishing to test new ideas for developing activities for children, young people and persons with disabilities.

We want children, young people and the disabled to be able to take part in influencing developments in society. This is why we give financial support to projects which children, young people and the disabled take part in organising themselves. Our hope is that these projects will then serve as models and spread ideas throughout the country.

How to apply for support

We prioritise projects working for gender equality, integration, diversity and accessibility. Programmes must be innovative, stimulate development and lie outside the organisation’s ordinary sphere of activities. Organisations can sometimes also be granted support towards the cost of their premises. Financial support is particularly directed at non-profit organisations, but support can also be granted to local authorities if they cooperate with a non-profit organisation.

We do not give financial support to

  • private individuals or companies
  • newly started organisations
  • individual events such as school and study trips, conferences or camps
  • public activities that are normally financed with taxpayers’ money.

An application must contain

  • a description of the project and how it will be implemented
  • a plan for funding
  • information about other sources of funds and what the organisation itself is contributing
  • a plan for following up and evaluating the project.

To receive financial support for premises, the organisation must

  • have developed a new idea or activity that requires altering the premises to enable implementation of the activity
  • adapt the premises to the needs of disabled people
  • own the premises or rent them on a long-term lease (10 years)
  • use the premises for the purpose on which the decision is based for at least 10 years.

How to fill in the application

Fill in your application on a special form. We take a decision as soon as we receive an application.
Download the form under “For more information”

Send the application to:
Swedish Inheritance Fund Commission Office
Box 2218

When you have received financial support

Submit a written report on

  • how you have achieved the goals of the project
  • how you have followed the project plan
  • the results of the project in terms of innovation and development
  • how further work will be organised.

If your project runs over several years, you must annually submit

  • a written account and financial report approved by an accountant
  • a new application (containing an action plan and estimated revenues and costs).

You must repay the money if

  • the funds have not been used in time or for the right purposes
  • you have not submitted a report
  • you have submitted incorrect information.

The Swedish Inheritance Fund Commission makes decisions on grants

The Swedish Inheritance Fund Commission was established in 1928 when the Riksdag decided to abolish the right of inheritance for cousins and more distant relatives. If a deceased person has no spouse or close relatives and has not left a will, his/her property goes to the Swedish Inheritance Fund. The Swedish Inheritance Fund may also acquire property by gift or will.

The Swedish Inheritance Fund Commission is the name of the working group that decides how support is granted. It consists of five members, a deputy chair and a chair. Most of them work outside the Government Offices and have a good knowledge of children, young people and people with disabilities.

The Legal, Financial and Administrative Services Agency disburses grants

The Legal, Financial and Administrative Services Agency administers the capital held by the Swedish Inheritance Fund. It disburses the grants approved by the Swedish Inheritance Fund Commission after receiving an order from an organisation that has been granted support. Do you want to know more?
Contact the Swedish Inheritance Fund Commission Office
Box 2218
103 15 Stockholm
Telephone: +46 8 700 08 00

Email: info@arvsfonden.se